Monthly Calendar March for Caring your Houseplants

monthly calendar march-clivia
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Monthly Calendar March

Now is the time to repot your houseplants; the roots are often to be seen growing through the drainage hole under the pot, and this means that the plant needs a little more living room. The Clivia generally needs repotting every two or three years; use this opportunity carefully to remove the young shoots, which some attached roots. These can be planted in a separate pot. The Bellflower (Campanula Isophylla) is grateful for some fresh compost around this time, and will also respond well to a sunny spot in a heated room. Continue reading

Monthly Calendar February for Caring your Houseplants

Monthly Calendar February - Cyclamen
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Monthly Calendar February

This is the time to tidy up your Cyclamen plant.  Carefully twist out any dead flowers  and yellow leaves. Dead growth should not be cut off o tugged at, it will come away from the tuber almost at a touch if it is ready. When the plant has ceased to flower move it to a cooler location, keep the soil fairly dry and stop feeding. The Clivia., which should now be in bud, needs to have a flower stem of about 15 cms long before being watered freely. Watering before this stage will retard the development of the flower buds. Continue reading