Winter Houseplants – How to Care Plants in the Winter

winter houseplants geranium
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Winter Houseplants

Nowadays, with our centrally heated houses, it is difficult for us to imagine the struggle houseplants must have had surviving the winter in grandmother’s day. Yet although modern homes present greater opportunities for indoor cultivation, we still often make life much more difficult for our houseplants that it need be. There are often very warm and ice-cold rooms in one and the same house. And at the night when the heating is turned down, or off, the temperature around the windowsill, where most of air plants stand, drops dramatically. Casually, we simply expect them to get used to it. Continue reading

Summer Houseplants – The Best Plants During the Summer

summer houseplants yellow cosmos
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Summer Houseplants

There are plants that will thrive in the most shady situations and others that are true sun-worshippers. The first group need a sunless place that allows only the early morning sun to infiltrate a little; such as, facing north or northeast. But even for plants that like standing in the sunshine there is a risk in the fierce heat of the noonday sun, although some species with colored and hairy leaves are extremely tolerant in this respect. Always protect your plants from the afternoon sun by some sort by screen or blind, should this be too much of a good thing for them. Like us, plants can also suffer in the summer through lack of fresh air. Continue reading