Deformed growth – Take Care of Plants from Various Troubles (part 2)

deformed growth
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Deformed growth

The plants grow lopsided in the pots and the stately little indoor three forms a crick in its stem. Set this right by regularly tuning the plant, remembering it will turn naturally towards the light source, although it must be said that some plants, namely Azalea, Camellia, Clivia, and Hibiscus, will not tolerate this at all. Leaf and phyllo cacti are also very sensitive when the flower buds are developing, and if these plants are turned, their buds will fall off. So let the plants stay exactly where they are and if they do start to grow crooked, support them with a stick. Continue reading

Jaundice – Take Care of Plants from Various Troubles (part 1)

Google Image – Under a Creative Commons License (Pixabay)


Like all living creature, houseplants can also succumb to various diseases and ailments. They then present a truly sorry sight: leaves wilt and fall off, flower buds shrivel and cease to grow. Houseplants can become the victims of disease or damage caused by infestation of insects, parasites, bacteria, air pollution and poor treatment. The latter in particular is often the reason for many such diseases and ailments. A vigorous, well-tended houseplants is much more able to withstands a knock or two than one which has become weak as a result of wrong treatment. However, the following information will, we hope, enable you to identify and treat a number of the commonly occurring houseplants troubles. Continue reading