Where do the Plants Come From

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The keeping of plants is no recent innovation: on the contrary, the techniques and traditions of growing them indoors in pots have been appreciated for countries. The history of lotus blossom, cherished by the Pharaohs of Egypt in their palaces 3,000 years ago, gives us the earliest known information of this subject. Also, in the Far East, particularly in ancient China, People were passionately fond of enhancing their homes and formal gardens with flowers and plants. Continue reading

Fern Species for Indoor and Their Characteristics

fern species
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Fern Species

Although ferns never bear flowers, they are welcome, evergreen guests in the home, where they thrive best in the shade. Ferns belong to the spore bearing plants. Lacking flowers, they cannot multiply themselves from seed but do this by giving off spores, which develop on the undersides of the leaves, particularly an older leaves. That is why during the ripening period we can find brown powder on our plants, windowsill and table. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to propagate ferns from the spores. Ferns with fibrous rooted leaves can be propagated from stems to which a small section of the rootstock (rhizome) must be attached. Continue reading