Exotic Houseplants for Open-plan Interiors

exotic houseplants rhynchocentrum
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Exotic Houseplants

As our modern houses and flats are provided with all manner of comforts such as open-plan interiors, picture windows and thermostatically controlled central heating, it is not surprising that the interest in tropical plants is very much on the increase. Providing sufficient care and attention is paid to their individual needs, these more exotic plants will thrive in the home. You may, however, have to go to a little extra trouble to acquire one or two of the houseplants mentioned here. Continue reading

Simple Houseplants – How to Care Your Houseplants Without Problems

simple houseplants spider flower
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Simple Houseplants

Some houseplants demand a great deal of attention. They require a specific amount of feeding, moisture and rest at precisely the right time, and consequently not everyone is in a position to cultivate these delicate varieties. Fortunately, there are also houseplants which will thrive with less careful nursing. The varieties mentioned below can take a knock or two. The often do very well in the homes of people whose busy lives leave them little time for pampering house plants; and those of us born without green fingers. Continue reading