Monthly Calendar (January) for Caring your Houseplants

Monthly Calendar in January

Before placing newly-bought houseplants in the living room, give them a transitional period in a moderately warm environment; this helps them to adjust more successfully to their place in your home. When frost is about, it is wise to protect your plants at night by placing some newspapers between them and the icy window. If the room is heated with an open fire or stove, they can, of course, be removed from the windowsill. This is not necessary with central heating, if the radiator is situated under the windowsill.

The Azalea that has been brought into a warm living room from an unheated location in order to bring it into flower now needs to be sprayed regularly over the crown to prevent the developing buds from drying out. Spraying should be stopped once the buds turn color. The plant should be immersed in a tepid bath once a week to ensure soil moisture. Continue reading

Where the Plants Come From



The keeping of plants is no recent innovation: on the contrary, the techniques and traditions of growing them indoors in pots have been appreciated for countries. The history of lotus blossom, cherished by the Pharaohs of Egypt in their palaces 3,000 years ago, gives us the earliest known information of this subject. Also, in the Far East, particularly in ancient China, People were passionately fond of enhancing their homes and formal gardens with flowers and plants.

Originally, of course, each country was familiar only with those plants that flourished in the local environment, but as contacts with other continents and countries increased, people began to discover the possibilities of plants from distant lands. In Europe, during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, many hitherto unknown exotic plants were introduced by Crusaders returning from the Holy Wars. Continue reading